Air conditioners are a must-have in the summer months if you live anywhere where temperatures exceed 80°. Window air conditioners are good and all, but those break down and are not nearly as reliable as an air conditioning unit. Investing in an air conditioning unit is worthwhile and can save a lot of trouble in the hot weather. When it becomes very uncomfortable in the hot summer months, you’re going to wish you had an air conditioner.

Prices on air conditioners range from $3,000 to $7,000. Energy star models use upwards of 25 percent less energy than air conditioners made before 2001. This can save you a lot of money and a lot of hassle in the summer months when it gets hot. Air conditioning units are much more customizable than the typical window air conditioning unit. They can have set temperatures, can be programmed to go on at certain times, and save you energy by only having them on when you need it. All this can be done with a push of a button on a thermostat that has been installed in your house.

During allergy season, air conditioners can provide better quality air to you just by cleaning your ductwork, filters, and air conditioning unit. Here is a great video on how to clean the coils on your air conditioning unit.

If you have an old air conditioning unit, older than 10 years, you should consider upgrading. You would be surprised how much energy you can save just by upgrading your system. Instead of paying high energy costs now, you should invest into an air conditioner that will last a much longer time, will provide better cooling, and be less costly in the long run. If you would like information on purchasing an air conditioning unit, please email us at We hope you consider purchasing a new air conditioning system for ultra low prices!